When planning your next flight, finding the best deal can often feel like an uphill battle. There’s a secret weapon that savvy travelers know about. That is consolidator fares. These hidden gems are essentially discounted tickets offered by wholesalers who purchase blocks of seats from airlines at bulk rates and then resell them to consumers at lower prices. By taking advantage of consolidator fares, you’ll get more bang for your buck and may save hundreds of dollars on airfare alone. Not all travel agencies have access to, or are able to offer you the savings that consolidator fares provide.

If you love to travel and explore new destinations, but the high cost of flights hinders your plans, consolidated fares are just what you need. Consolidator fares are discounted airfares that customers can purchase through a consolidator company rather than direct from airlines. There are many benefits to using these types of fares as they often offer lower prices than published or regular fares. Consolidators buy tickets in bulk and pass on the savings directly to consumers. This is perfect for spontaneous trips or vacation planning without exceeding budget constraints. For business travelers who frequently commute, consolidator fares provide a great option for flying at affordable rates.So if you’re looking for ways to save money while still needing flights worldwide, consider trying consolidator fare prices when booking next time.


Not All Travel Agencies Can Offer Consolidator Airfares

Our team of experts works hard to secure consolidator fares, which are among the lowest prices available in the market today. With these exclusive deals you can book flights with airlines that may not offer discounted fares through other channels. Our relationships with airlines and the volume of tickets we issue enable us to generate savings that we pass on to our customers. Whether planning a business trip or a family vacation, let ATS find the ultimate deal for you, one that meets your budget and travel preferences. We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate airfare pricing, Just give ATS a chance to see if we can find a consolidator fare that works for you.


Book Affordable Flights With Prices That Will Surprise You

If you’re an avid traveler or planning a trip soon, finding the lowest airfare prices can be crucial. That’s where ATS comes in offering consolidator fares that can really make a difference. Whether you’re jet-setting across continents or taking a quick weekend getaway closer to home, giving ATS a call could make a big difference in your airfare cost.

Let ATS book your flights for you so you will know for certain you have purchased the lowest priced ticket possible. Won’t it be nice to have a little extra to spend on your vacation?