Destination weddings are a dream come true for those who want to celebrate their special day in an extraordinary way. Couples can plan a wedding anywhere they desire, from tropical beaches to stunning mountaintops, creating lasting memories that will be cherished forever. Destination weddings offer the perfect opportunity for couples to break away from wedding norms and customize their wedding to the smallest detail. Not only do destination weddings provide an intimate setting among breathtaking scenery, but they also allow guests a rare chance to travel somewhere new while celebrating one of life’s most memorable events with loved ones.

From décor inspired by local culture and cuisine reflective of regional flavors or entertainment infused with authentic local music, every element plays its part in showcasing your chosen location’s beauty and unique aspects.  Travel professionals specializing in destination weddings enable couples to enjoy peace of mind knowing that their big day will be everything they dreamed it would be. A day filled with love, laughter, and joyful memories that last a lifetime.


With our expertise in organizing destination weddings,  we can help take away the stress of planning that provides you with a day you have only dreamed about. ATS provides personalized assistance at every step, from helping you choose your dream venue to coordinating travel arrangements for your guests so you can focus on your special day, knowing that everything has been properly taken care of. With our attention to detail and dedication to creating magical experiences, ATS promises  an event tailored to each couple’s unique tastes and preferences, to be shared and treasured by all.


Destination weddings have become popular for couples wanting to create unique wedding experiences. With ATS, you can ensure your destination wedding is everything you’ve envisioned. Whether it’s a romantic beach ceremony or an intimate mountain retreat, we work with you to choose the perfect location that suits your style and budget.


Get Married In Your Paradise With A Destination Wedding


Trust us to make your destination wedding a once in a lifetime experience that reflects who you are as a couple while creating lifelong memories worth celebrating.We are here to help you bring your vision to life.


Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality with Destination Weddings


With destination weddings, you can choose from an array of stunning locations worldwide that that means something special to you and your guests. Whether exchanging vows on a secluded beach in Hawaii, overlooking picturesque vineyards in Tuscany, or dancing under the Northern Lights in Iceland, destination weddings offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity. Perhaps the chance to share time with loved ones in extraordinary settings can be something to look forward to also, while enjoying activities such as cruises or safari adventures, or tours before or after tying the knot.


Consider The Perfect Destination For Your Dream Wedding


Picture exchanging vows with a breathtaking ocean view backdrop or among lush tropical gardens at sunset. Whether it’s an exotic island escapade or a charming European castle, we have handpicked destinations to offer that spell romance and are sure to capture your heart.


Contact ATS today to begin planning your destination wedding.This will be the perfect setting and opportunity for your friends, family and loved ones world wide to gather for your special day.